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OperEnsemble12 is an artistic project and an editorial series. We focus on full orchestra vocal repertoires, such as Operas, Oratorios and Masses, making these repertoires possible to perform for small to medium sized companies in limited performance spaces. How? By reducing the orchestra size in an effective way, from a full, 80 players group, to a 12 instrument ensemble, our “Standard 12”, which includes a selection of almost every instrumental family, to achieve the best possible orchestral sound with a reduced ensemble.

For this reason, we created the Open12 Editions. Each of our scores is more than just a reduction: there is a list of hints on how to perform that opera with even fewer singers than the full cast (we call it the Minimal Cast), with or without the choir, with an extra instrument (like an additional Harp or Keyboard) or without an instrument (optional percussions, off-stage instruments, etc.).

In every Score or Parts Book you will also find an Open12 License Code, which entitles our customers to a list of free services, like an instrument switch, such as an A clarinet or a different set of Brasses, free online assistance or low cost additional parts (see Price Policy).

Overture, An Introductory Guide
Overture, An Introductory Guide

For complete information, you can read our Introductory Guide “Overture”. There, we go deeper into problems concerning opera production, orchestral issues and how we came to the Standard 12 Ensemble. You will also find our reduction criteria and our concept for an OperEnsemble12 Vocal group and Artistic Project. You can find OperEnsemble12, Overture: an Introductory Guide on Amazon, or even contact us for a free pdf version!

Form more Information, the Price Policy and the Catalogue of Open 12 Editions, please see:

OperEnsemble Official Website

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