Singing and Piano in Bournemouth

BE YOUR MUSIC – Music is everywhere around us, in every moment of our life. Not only the music we can hear from the radio or other devices, or the live music, with real players, when we go to special places such as a concert hall or a good Café. Music is vibration and the matter itself, the universe is vibrating, right now! That’s the spirit of the Musical Beam, make the music of the universe be the one you choose, actively. Change your universe by being your music!

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SINGING LESSONS – Singing is the oldest and deepest way to create music. It doesn’t require any external instrument, and is intimately connected with us being humans through our voice. Our speaking is music. The way we communicate by talking has been shown highly affected by the way we talk. The words we use are important, but how we ‘tune’ those words is really more effective on who is listening to us. In other words, speaking is singing and by learning how to sing, we also improve our communication skills.

Singing lessons from beginners to professionals, adult voices. Learn breathing techinque, vocal technique, how to read and sing from the score, ear training, music theory from A to Z. All possible repertoires and languages! All lessons include a warm-up and technique stage. £20 for a 45′ lesson (beginners). £25 for a full hour (from intermediate on).

PIANO LESSONS – The Piano is a very intuitive instrument. We can use its keyboard to create music in different ways. You can simply play notes to help your vocal intonation and learn a song in less time. Then you can learn some chords, and accompany your singing in an easy way. You may start playing with others. Then you can fully learn how to play, with all the Piano technique and all your fingers. All your music can be played on the Piano as it is a full, complete instrument.

Piano lessons include piano technique, music theory from A to Z, classic and modern piano repertoire, harmony&chords, ear training. All lessons include technique and theory. £15 for a 30′ lesson (beginners). £20 for a 45′ lesson (intermediate). £25 for a full hour (advanced).


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