A Song to the Moon (& Back)

IS SINGING LIKE LOVING – This is not (only) a silly question. Somehow, it is also a clear fact. A singer uses his/her body to give out feelings, passion, tears and joy. Isn’t this love? When you sing, you give with no demand. A good performer is abel to connect with the audience, tuning his/her own mood with all the listeners’ and from there on, living the same, unique experience, all together.

LEARN AND FORGET – Life teaches us lessons through experience, and so does love. You cannot learn to love. But, you can learn to sing. Breathing, vocal technique and support, “Bel Canto” or others. How to improve your vocal register and the quality of the notes, with pitches and nuances. When it comes to performance, though, there it is: you learn all these to be able to…forget techique, and sing with your heart. Technique doesn’t deliver emotions, it only helps you to do it better, completely.

AS AN ITALIAN musician and Opera conductor, I have hundreds of favourite arias, duets, scenes, and much more. Strange enough, though, this is one of my favourites, the Song to the Moon by the Czech Composer Antonin Dvorak. It might be a personal link to Czech music, culture, or just the wonder of this music, who knows?

A PERFECT MATCH in this video, with wonderful paintings and images. You can click on it and see the YouTube page, there is a full English translation of the lyrics. And, for those of you willing to learn how to sing this song, in Czech, English or in your own language, you can contact musicalbeam.bournemouth@gmail.com for any information about Singing (and Piano) Lessons in Kinson Community Centre and start your journey toward love!


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