Amami, Alfredo!

Alfredo’s father persuades Violetta to leave Alfredo.
She accepts to sacrifice her love for the Germont family.
How will love burst in one of the most passionate melodies ever?

La Traviata 3/5 – Amami, Alfredo!

Alfredo’s father, Giorgio Germont, demands that Violetta break off her relationship with Alfredo for the sake of the family and of his other daughter’s engagement, which is in danger because of Violetta’s reputation. She responds that she cannot end the relationship because she loves him so much, but Giorgio pleads with her for the sake of his family. With growing remorse, she finally agrees.

Pura siccome un angelo Iddio mi diè una figlia; se Alfredo nega riedere in seno alla famiglia, l’amato e amante giovine cui sposa andar dovea, or si ricusa al vincolo che lieti ne rendeva. Deh, non mutate in triboli le rose dell’amor. A’ prieghi miei resistere no, no non voglia il vostro cor.God blessed me with a daughter, like an angel in her purity; if Alfredo refuses to return to the bosom of his family, the young man in love and beloved in turn, who was soon to marry my daughter, would reject this bond on which our happiness depends. Ah, do not be the cause of love’s roses changing into thorns. Do not let your heart refuse what I so fervently ask of you. No! No!

“Pura siccome un angelo” – Open7 Editions

Violetta gives a note to Annina to send to Flora accepting the party invitation and, as she is writing a farewell letter to Alfredo, he enters. She can barely control her sadness and tears. From a humble “I will always be with you” with only the strings in a very soft and mild line, to an explosive, loud and passionate burst of love, possibly one of the best known in the world.

Di lagrime aveva d’uopo – or son tranquilla – lo vedi? Ti sorrido – lo vedi? Sarò là tra quei fior presso a te sempre. Amami, Alfredo, quant’io t’amo. Addio!I needed tears – now I feel better – See? I am smiling at you – see? I shall always be here, near you, among the flowers. Love me, Alfredo, love me as much as I love you. Farewell!

“Amami, Alfredo” – Open12 Editions

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