Too late to leave Paris?

What’s better than going away from the crowd,
and living your love in a cozy and quiet place?
This is Violetta and Alfredo’s dream,
but the time runs out so fast.

La Traviata 5/5 – Leave Paris, or…

After all the pain and sacrifice, Violetta is in her bed, ill. Alfredo is finally there for her, and promises to never let her alone again. Let’s just go away, only you and me, away from the crowded and unfortunate Paris. A dream, the dream of a quiet life full of love and only that.

Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo, la vita uniti trascorreremo; de’ corsi affanni compenso avrai, la tua salute rifiorirà. Sospiro e luce tu mi sarai, tutto il futuro ne arriderà.From Paris dear, we shall go away, to live our lives together. We shall make up for all our heartache, your health will come back again. You will be the light of my life, the future will smile upon us.

It is too late to reheal. After a moment of hope and relief, Violetta feels a last moment of joy, which brings the opera to its tearful end.

È strano! Cessarono gli spasimi del dolore. In me rinasce – m’agita insolito vigor! Ah! ma io ritorno a viver! Oh gioia!How strange! The spasms of pain have ceased: A strange vigour has brought me to life! Ah! I shall live – Oh, joy!

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La Traviata 5/5 – Too late to leave Paris?

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