Welcome to The Magic Flute!

After some remodelling in the previously published reduced operas and the introduction of Open7, the reduced ensemble for 7 players and one pianist-conductor, Open12 Editions are back with one of the most beloved operas by Mozart: The Magic Flute!

How many singers?

Zauberflöte, The Magic Flute, is a crowded opera, with a lot of characters and choral groups. Even though some scenes are really effective with a large crowd on the stage, we tried, as usual, to allow also smaller companies to perform the full opera with not so many singers, even without the Choir.

Still, this reduced opera requires a good number of Sopranos and Tenors to cover Ladies, Boys, Papagena, Priests and full choral vocals. Let’s have a look at the Second Finale, with the Queen of the Night, Monostato and the Three Ladies.

The Magic Flute Reduced Score, Mozart, Zauberflöte, Flauto Magico

The Magic Flute, reduced opera for 12, the only Extra part of the opera is the magic Glockenspiel. The Timpani have an important role and would be missed, if omitted. As usual, the Open12 ensemble can be expanded with more strings, or balanced by softening the loudness of Timpani and Trumpet.

The Magic Flute Reduced Score, Mozart, Zauberflöte, Flauto Magico

All the details of The Magic Flute in the Open12 Editions reduced opera for 12 instruments can be found in the Full Opera menu with all other titles, or in the Magic Flute page itself.

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