Each of our books falls into one of the three categories. Full Price Titles include full operas and major works (2+ hours), with Scores over 300 pages. One Act Price Titles include shorter operas, single acts, medium works (about 1 hour), with Scores around 150-250 pages. Mini Price Titles include single movements, chamber music and other repertoires (up to 20-30 minutes), with Scores under 100 pages.

Orchestral parts are published in a single Part Book. You may cut or copy the book to obtain separate files for your players. All parts are ready to use, with easy page turns, designed for a single player. Additional parts will be provided in PDF format. The Part Book is also available as a PDF file at a reduced price. Each category has fixed reference prices for the Reduced Score, the Parts Book, the PDF Part Book, and for each Additional Part.

Choose your repertoire – If you don’t need the whole opera, but only parts of it (overture, arias, duets, etc.) you can select the ones you need. Some popular selections are already listed for each opera. If you can’t find what you need, contact us for a custom order. Selections are available in PDF format only. Prices vary.

Maestro Emanuele Mazzola

Open12 Editions

Open12 Editions include scores and parts for a reduced orchestra of 12 instruments: Flute/Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, one Percussionist, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass. This orchestra may be enlarged with up to 15 strings, in a typical formation. This way, with Open12 Editions, your orchestra can reach up to 22 players. Some operas may include 1 Extra Part, such as a Harp or a Continuo Player. The Parts Book includes the Extra Part noted in the score. In case you want to add some instruments to your orchestra, such as a Trombone, please contact us and ask for an Additional Part, which will be created for you and provided as a PDF file.

Open7 Editions

Open7 Editions include Scores and Parts for a Reduced Ensemble of 7 instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and a piano part for the conductor. The piano part is also provided as an Extra Part in the Parts Book. The Open7 parts can be provided separately (as Additional Parts), in case you want to perform with a Piano and some more instruments.

Choose Your Parts

You are willing to perform your opera with something more than just a piano and you are wondering what instruments sound the best for your production? The best choice depends on the opera. Sometimes it’s a matter of budget or availability. You might have a friend who plays the clarinet or find a flute player who would like to take part. Here is our guide on how to choose the right parts for your upcoming production.
Piano & 1 or 2 player(s) – You will need a Vocal Score for the pianist. You can purchase the parts for your instrument(s) as Additional Parts in PDF format. We can also merge a couple of parts into a single one, to make your player busier.
Piano & 3 or 4 players – You will need a Vocal Score for the pianist. You could choose the Flute, Oboe and Clarinet parts of the Open7 Editions, or the Woodwinds of the Open12 Editions, the String Quartet of the Open7, or a mix from different sections. You can purchase the parts as they are, in PDF format as Additional Parts.
Piano & 5 or 6 players – You will need a Vocal Score for the pianist. As for the parts, it will be more convenient for you to purchase the Parts Book in PDF rather than 5 or 6 Additional Parts. The possible formations can vary. We suggest having more than one single section (5 strings), with some woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet) and some strings (Violin, Cello) or even a Percussionist.
Piano & 7 players – This is the standard formation for the Open7 Editions. You won’t need a Vocal Score anymore. You can buy the Open7 Editions Reduced Ensemble Score and Parts Book for 7 players, if already published. Or you can ask us to prepare them for you as soon as possible!
Piano & 8 to 13 players – The starting point here is the Open7 Ensemble. You may add some strings, up to 10, in a typical formation. This way, you will use our Open7 Editions with up to 13 players, plus the piano-conductor.
11, 12, 13 players, no piano – This is the standard formation for the Open12 Editions. Some operas don’t require the Percussionist, while others require one extra part (Harp, Continuo, Keyboard), included in the score and provided in the parts book. You can buy the Open12 Editions Reduced Score and Parts Book for 12 players. You can still ask for Additional Parts, such as a Trombone.
Up to 22 players, no piano – The Open12 formation can be expanded with more strings to up to 15 players, in a typical formation. This way, with Open12 Editions, your orchestra can reach up to 22 players. You can still ask for Additional Parts, such as a Trombone.

Remember: In each Open12 and Open7 book, you will find a “Free Code”, which entitles you to some free services, such as online assistance via email or Skype, free transposed parts (e.g. for an A clarinet) or an instrument switch (e.g. a 2nd horn instead of the trumpet).