M° Emanuele Mazzola

Nothing equals the direct experience of performing music. Spreading musical education and having more people studying and playing music is the aim of the Musical Beam project.
(M° Mazzola)

M° Emanuele Mazzola

The OperEnsemble12 project aims to make opera possible even with lower budgets, in smaller spaces, and with reduced orchestra, choir and cast. Open12 Editions & Open7 Editions provide specifically rearranged scores and parts for a variety of ensembles, from 2 to 22 players.

OperEnsemble12 focuses on vocal repertoires with full orchestras, such as operas, oratorios, masses, making these repertoires effective when performed by small or medium-sized companies. How? By creating an effective reduction of the score, from a large orchestra with 80 players, to a reduced orchestra of 12 instruments and a small ensemble of 7 players, in order to achieve the best orchestral sound possible with a reduced amount of players. Our Standard 12 orchestra is made of 4 orchestral sections, with 5 strings, 4 woodwinds, 2 brass and 1 percussionist. Our Standard 7 ensemble is made of 4 strings, 3 woodwinds and a piano part for the conductor. The Vocal parts and the Choral parts are also examined and merged, if possible, to make the performance possible with a Reduced Cast (the Minimal Cast), or even without a full Choir.

M° Emanuele Mazzola

That’s why we created the Open12 Editions and the Open7 Editions. Our scores are more than reductions: they show how to perform an opera with a Minimal Cast, with or without the choir, with extra parts (Harp or Continuo) or with fewer instruments.

Each of our books includes an Open12 Code, which entitles our customers to a list of free services, such as an instrument switch (an A clarinet part instead of the B flat standard one, or a different set of Brass), free online assistance & low-cost Additional Parts.

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