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Singing and Piano in Bournemouth

BE YOUR MUSIC – Music is everywhere around us, in every moment of our life. Not only the music we can hear from the radio or other devices, or the live music, with real players, when we go to special places such as a concert hall or a good Café. Music is vibration and the... Continue Reading →

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A Song to the Moon (& Back)

IS SINGING LIKE LOVING – This is not (only) a silly question. Somehow, it is also a clear fact. A singer uses his/her body to give out feelings, passion, tears and joy. Isn't this love? When you sing, you give with no demand. A good performer is abel to connect with the audience, tuning his/her... Continue Reading →

M° Emanuele Mazzola

M° Mazzola studied Violin, Composition, Choral Music, Choral & Orchestra Conducting. Among his teachers: Scattolin, Acel, Vasady, Pomarico, Tintner, Newland, Arrivabeni. He started singing at a very early age and made his debut at 18 as a conductor, in 1991. M° Mazzola actively attended several Masterclasses: “O.Respighi” Music Academy of Rome (1992); “XXI Century Musics” (1995);... Continue Reading →

It Had to Be You

DESTINO – Chi crede nel destino? È un po' come diceva Totò, per la iella. 'Non è vero, ma ci credo'. Parlare di destino è un po' come avventurarsi in un terreno in cui si può coltivare di tutto, anche lo scetticismo. 'Era così che doveva andare' o 'Cosa ci posso fare, è il mio... Continue Reading →

IME – Italian Linguistic Services

IMEtalian – Italian Linguistic Services – As a native Italian living in England, I provide a full set of services related to my native language. I have hundreds of positive reviews on websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Frelancer, PeoplePerHour, my test results on Italian language and on the English-Italian pair are among the best. I... Continue Reading →

OperEnsemble12 – Open12 Editions

OperEnsemble12 is an artistic project and an editorial series. We focus on full orchestra vocal repertoires, such as Operas, Oratorios and Masses, making these repertoires possible to perform for small to medium sized companies in limited performance spaces. How? By reducing the orchestra size in an effective way, from a full, 80 players group, to... Continue Reading →

#Musica, un Manuale per Tutti

MUSICA PER TUTTI – Finalmente un aggiornamento nel sito! Oggi il sito Musical Beam comprende sia lo storico Manuale di Musica per Tutti che le attività di Canto e di Traduzione sviluppate di recente. Nella pagine MB Italia, in particolare, si trova un aggiornamento sul Manuale, che è in fase di traduzione in inglese. FACEBOOK... Continue Reading →

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