M° Mazzola

M° Mazzola studied Violin, Composition, Choral Music, Choral & Orchestra Conducting. Among his teachers: Scattolin, Acel, Vasady, Pomarico, Tintner, Newland, Arrivabeni. He started singing at a very early age and made his debut at 18 as a conductor, in 1991.

1991 - Emanuele Mazzola
M° Mazzola’s debut, in 1991

M° Mazzola actively attended several Masterclasses: “O.Respighi” Music Academy of Rome (1992); “XXI Century Musics” (1995); 2 International Opera Workshops (1997-1998) in Czech Republic and Slovakia, where he conducted “Un ballo in maschera”, “Aida”, “The Magic Flute” and “Le nozze di Figaro”. He was the only participant selected as Choir Conductor for “Aida”.

M° Emanuele Mazzola worked as a Musical Assistant (1993), critic editor of Renaissance Vocal Music (1994), Opera Conductor, Stage Musical Director, Harpsichord Player (2000-2006). From 1990 to 2015 he has been Conductor and Artistic Director of many choirs, including male, female and mixed choirs, with classical, modern, gospel, folk and sacred music repertoires.

M° Mazzola worked as conductor for: Golden Gate Opera Company in S.Francisco (“Un ballo in maschera”, 1999; “Pagliacci, 2002), “Haydn” Orchestra in Bolzano and Trento (2001, with Giora Feidman, performance broadcast on National TV), California Opera Association in Art and Educational Festival in Fresno (“Gianni Schicchi”, 2004). His ability as score arranger for reduced orchestras has been highly rated.

2001 - M° Emanuele Mazzola
M° Mazzola in Bolzano-Trento, 2001

“M° Mazzola is one of the most talented young conductors I have encountered in recent years. He is musical, is technically accomplished, and has the interpersonal skills to work well with all kind of people and musical artists. He exudes a real personality on the podium, to which the musicians and the audience both respond.” – M° Larry Newland

“Mr.Mazzola is a very talented young conductor.…He is an accomplished musician with a great feeling especially for Italian Opera…he was one of the best of the 20 conductors at the workshop.”M° Georg Tintner

“…capable young conductor Emanuele Mazzola, who effectively re-orchestrated the parts for a reduced orchestra, and led the performance commandingly to its conclusion.” – Ching Chang, sfcv.org

“I am pleased to report the excellent cooperation that came from M°Mazzola in the productions I was involved in Teatro Bibiena in Mantova: he worked as singers coach and Opera conductor. I have found in M°Mazzola lot of availability, musicality, fine ear for music, and it’s his credit to have gained such a big success” – M° Enzo Dara

M° Emanuele Mazzola in Fresno, 2004
M° Mazzola in Fresno (California), 2004

“…wonderful program set up with ‘Haydn’ Orchestra and entrusted to young conductor Emanuele Mazzola, who worked real wonders succeeding not only in following, but also in supporting and profoundly sharing Feidman’s very original musical assertions” – Andrea Bambace, ALTO ADIGE news